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A European business needed Finnish to English translation and Swedish to English translation of marketing materials for metro cities and urban markets in North America

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Finnish to English Marketing and Public Administration Translation

May 10, 2010

A European based company recently posted a request for a translation in public administration and marketing. The materials were needed for Finnish to English translation in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia and other urban markets and businesses. There were also materials needed for Swedish to English public administration translation as well (non-disclosure of specific client details are contracted in confidentiality agreements and terms of service).

Public administration translation is necessary for international communication between businesses and for public marketing purposes. Translating public administration materials can include press releases translation, white papers, statements, media packages, and more. For a free quote on any public administration or marketing translation, simply input your word count or send your documents using the menu on the left. You'll receive an instant estimate of our low translation rates – up to 75% less than almost any other professional translation company.

The European client requesting Finnish to English marketing translation needed translators with marketing or technical skills, and public administration experience. Swedish to English marketing translation was also needed, along with Swedish technical translation skills. While this may sound like an obscure or specialized request, our network of over 5,000 translators worldwide gives us a large resource of translators, including those with technical Finnish to English translation skills. For projects such as these, a team of translators consisting of two Finnish translators, two Swedish translators, two proofreaders and an expert Finnish document translation supervisor ensures high quality translation and fast turnaround.

Marketing and public administration is an important side of any business, as it ensures what information is released to the public. Accuracy in translation is of extreme importance, which only comes with the services of a quality professional Finnish translation company such as Tomedes. Not only can we guarantee all the same high quality translations of other professional translation services, but we do it for significantly lower translation rates.

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