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A new client approached us recently with two legal documents pertaining to her business, each was around 2,000 words.

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November 24, 2013

Legal documents are often required in multiple languages and translating them is one of the most frequent tasks which we are asked to undertake here at Tomedes. Companies which operate internationally, or which employ staff in more than one country, often need to provide their corporate documentation, including legal documents, in more than one language. 

Tomedes’ maintains a global network of professional translators. We always use humans to undertake translation work rather than machines, as we know that the quality of human translation is far superior to that of electronic translation. 

Our business translation service covers a wide range of documents, many of which include complex legal terms, such as contracts of employment and compromise agreements. It is essential that these are translated flawlessly, as the legal content requires nothing less than perfection when it is transcribed from one language to another. 

A new client approached us recently with two legal documents pertaining to her business. Each was around 2,000 words and needed to be translated from Finnish to English. We consulted our Finnish team and selected the most appropriate translator for the job – a gentleman who had previously been employed in the human resources department of a large corporation. With the combination of his background and his linguistic talents, we knew he was the ideal person to deliver a word-perfect document to the new client. 

Three days later, well before the client’s deadline, our translator had completed work on both documents and we had presented the client with the final versions. She was extremely pleased. Tomedes had undertaken a professional translation in order to fulfil her company’s legal requirements and she was now armed with the documentation that she needed in order to employ English-speaking staff as well as Finnish ones. 

Though a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and timescales, we ensure that our translation service never disappoints. Tomedes enables businesses across the world to operate efficiently in multiple languages, by recruiting the best translators to meet each of our clients’ needs, no matter what they may be. 

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