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Finnish to English website translation

June 26, 2019

Statista reports that 25.3% of internet users browse in English, while other key languages in use today include Chinese (used by 19.8% of internet users), Spanish (8%), Arabic (4.8%), Portuguese (4.1%) and Indonesian/Malaysian (also 4.1%). Given that 56.1% of the world has internet access – equating to over 4 billion people – that means that those publishing their websites in English have the potential to reach more than 1 billion internet users. That’s some rather staggering potential for the cost of a single translation service! 

Accurate Finnish translation 

For a recent Tomedes client, the huge potential audience of English-speaking internet users was more than enough to justify the (very reasonable) cost of website translation services provided by Tomedes. His site had already proven successful in his native Finland, so now he wanted to take the next step and reach out to new audiences through an English version of the site. As such, our top Finnish to English website translator got straight to work. 

Professional website translation services

Here at Tomedes, we don’t only pair our translators’ language skills with the job at hand – we also match their experience. This meant that Finnish translation skills alone weren’t enough for this work – we also ensured that our translator had plenty of experience of translating websites. By looking beyond just language ability in this way, we ensure that each translator is the perfect match for the work that they undertake. 

High quality translation for business clients

This approach is one way in which Tomedes ensures the high quality of our translation services. We also use native speakers of the target language (rather than the original language) in order to further drive up the quality of our translations. Not only that, but our rigorous quality assurance system means that translations are only delivered to our clients once they have passed our internal approval process. 

Ultimately, a translation agency lives and dies by the quality of its translations. As Tomedes has been around for over a decade, during which time we’ve worked with over 50,000 business customers, we provide our clients with plenty of peace of mind regarding the quality of our work. This client was no exception – he was delighted with the English version of his website, as well as with the great translation price for the work. 

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If your company has a translation need, it’s time to speak to Tomedes. You can contact us by phone, email or live chat to discuss how best we can meet your translation goals. 

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