Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2010

Fathers day 2010 cards and gifts ideas related to translation

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Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2010

June 11, 2010

If your dad is anything like mine at this age, he seems nearly impossible to buy a gift for. What kind of Fathers Day gift do you get when you still ask your dad for 50 bucks every month - a dad who already has everything he needs? Sons and daughters everywhere are scratching their heads and staring blankly at the rows of Wal-mart merchandise, thinking, what the @#A%$# am I going to get as a Father's Day gift? He already has a garage filled with more toys than Batman.

Instead of giving your dad another lame tie he'll never wear, or some over-priced resort souvenir golf ball from your last vacation, put some creativity into your Fathers Day 2010 gift. The average person does not connect language translation with a Father's Day gift ideas, but you'd be surprised what you can do with a professional translation service – and low translation rates, to boot. Some of the most creative gifts are the least expensive.

We've provided a list of 10 Fathers Day 2010 gift ideas to get you started, or at least breathe some life into the gift-giving part of your brain that has gone completely zombie on you:

  • For this year's Fathers Day gift, use your cultural background or heritage as a creative gift source. Use a Father's Day card translation in the language of your background. Some examples would be Cherokee translation, Chinese translation, Japanese translation, or Italian translation. Even if dad can't read all of it (or even any of it) you'll have the source document to help him along.
  • Similarly, if you are a son or daughter of an immigrant father with a foreign mother tongue, or he is fluent in another language, impress him with a Fathers Day card translation in his native or secondary language.
  • Instead of another typical boring coffee mug this year, translate your Father's name and/or “Happy Fathers Day” into another language most suitable for him – whether a language of his background, interest or mother tongue – and have it printed on the coffee mug.
  • If you're thinking none of this applies to you as a Fathers Day gift idea because you and your family are typical white Americans like me, don't worry. Even without a specific culture to celebrate, or any single noteworthy heritage - you can use the etymology of your father's name. Etymology – or the origin and meaning of words and names – is another option for the coffee mug gift idea. Find the language your dad's name originated from, as well as its meaning, and wa-la! You have a creative, cultured and respectable Fathers Day 2010 gift.
  • If your dad doesn't drink coffee, even with a cool etymological Latin translation of his name, then you can do the same thing on a t-shirt, plaque, baseball cap, or any kind of printable object.
  • Get your dad language learning software; for example, Italian. Accompany it with a Fathers Day Italian card translation. For more fun, see if he can guess what the gift is based upon the Italian translation of the card, before he opens it.
  • If none of these Fathers Day gift ideas have appealed to you so far, there are still a few more options. Have us translate the word “Father” or “Happy Fathers Day” into as many languages as you want; perhaps with a few lesser known languages thrown in to make it more interesting. Then have the language translations of your chosen sentiment printed onto a t-shirt, baseball cap, etc.
  • If you want something with more content or substance, create a list of ten words closely related to Father - such as Fatherhood, Fatherland, Daddy Long Legs, Go-Daddy.com, etc. You can translate this list if you wish, or just use the list for a fun word play. Again, have it printed on any suitable item of your choice.
  • Give him a list of profound quotes said by some of the world's most admired “fathers” throughout time, whether fictional or real. For example, Father Time, Father Christmas, any number of priests (Catholic fathers), founding fathers of the country, or anyone else. Language translation service is an optional addition.
  • For our last Fathers Day gift idea for 2010, use a recordable card to record yourself singing his favorite song, but translated into a language you think best (make sure to request a syllabic pronunciation guide for each note). I suggest Japanese or a Chinese translation – something distinct that could make the song sound funny or amusing. While this would take some effort, it would show some real thought and creativity behind this year's Fathers Day gift.

There you have it. I hope this helps everyone who may be beating their head against the wall for a Fathers Day 2010 gift idea that won't end up in a box in the closet.

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