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After approval, one of our best Spanish translators began work on the birth and marriage certificate translation, and it was returned within the hour.

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A fast birth certificate translation into Spanish

August 17, 2015

Having official documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, translated into another language is sometimes necessary when dealing with authorities from another country. When the time comes to request a translation, clients need to know that the completed translation will be accurate and dependable, as they are often unable to read the target language themselves. At Tomedes, we're used to providing this professional service, and we offer a Certification of Translation Accuracy certificate to accompany our translations, ensuring that official bodies are satisfied with the translation, and that if they are not, then they should take matter up with us instead of the client. 

A few days ago, a new client from Mexico contacted us requesting this very service. The client was a little flustered as she had to present proof of her identity to the authorities, but she was given quite short notice of having to do this. One of our project managers responded to the client within the hour, reassuring her that it was possible to provide an accurate Mexican Spanish translation of her birth and marriage certificates in a short amount of time. This news relieved our client, as did the overall affordability of our translation service.

After approval, one of our best Spanish translators began work on the birth and marriage certificate translation, and due to the fact that very little text is included on such forms, our translator was able to return the completed translation to the client within the hour, including our Certification of Translation Accuracy certificate.

The client was happy with our service, and relieved to have the completed translation in her hands. We hope to work with this client again in the future!

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