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We were recently contacted by a government department, who requested that we help them provide an accurate translation of a safety report

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A fast Hebrew to English government translation

August 31, 2015

At Tomedes, we're proud to work with various government departments, and our reliability in this sector has led to glowing recommendations by various government departments. We’ve found that our professional translators are highly valued by our government clients, and we frequently receive new projects from various clients in this sector.

For example, the other day we were contacted by a specific department of the Israeli government, who requested that we help them provide an accurate translation of a recently-written report into transport and road safety. The report was relatively long, and contained different sections pertaining to law, insurance and general safety regarding transport. The client explained that the report was to be reviewed by external bodies within the next few days, and thus a complete translation from Hebrew to English was required within this timeframe. Although this request came at relatively short notice, we had a translator in mind who we thought would be able to accomplish this.

Our chosen translator, who resides in San Francisco, US, accepted the translation project, drawing on her knowledge of Hebrew and general government policy to translate the entire report into her native language. Thanks to our translator’s experience, she was able to work through the report in a highly-efficient manner, providing a quick turnaround for the client, and allowing him to present the English translation to the external bodies when required.

Our client was extremely satisfied with this outcome, and we hope to be in contact again soon.

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