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A new client who runs a private tuition business got in touch with us, enquiring if we were able to perform competent education translations.

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Expert French Translation of Learning Materials

March 08, 2015

A new client got in touch with us, enquiring as to whether we were able to perform competent education translations. This client had a private tuition business, and wanted to make some of his material available to new students from France.

Nadia, one of our project managers, replied to the client’s enquiry, explaining that we do indeed work with highly capable French translators, some of who have a background in education themselves.

This pleased the client, and Nadia assured him further by highlighting our one-year guarantee that’s made available to all clients: in the very unlikely event that a client finds an error in their completed translation, mistakes will be amended or a completely new translation will be offered free of charge. 

With this assurance, the client was happy to proceed with the education translation. Nadia selected Christophe as the translator to work on the document, based on his technical, native-speaking expertise and his experience in the education sector.

When the completed translation was returned to the client, the client was overjoyed with the quality of the translation and was pleased that the translation was returned well before the deadline.

The client thanked Nadia and Christophe for such a pleasant and painless experience, and at such extremely good value too! Needless to say, we expect to hear from this particular client again soon.

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