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An overview of our excellent English to Hebrew translation service, as well as Hebrew to English, for anything from business documents to religious texts, engineering and technical translations.

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English to Hebrew Translation for Business and More

October 04, 2010

Exceptional English to Hebrew Translation Service

Though Tomedes excels in the translation of all major languages, including the top 33 most spoken languages in the world and more, English to Hebrew translation service is one of our specialties. Because we have several translators with years of Hebrew translation service experience in a wide array of industries, businesses and other fields, we are able to provide the most accurate, perfected English to Hebrew translation, as well as Hebrew to English translations. Recently we've provided several of these translations to our clients, including English to Hebrew translation of business contracts and technical translation from English to Hebrew for engineering documentation and paperwork. To receive a free quote for any Hebrew translation, simply use the menu on the left to upload your documents, or input the total word count needed for translation. Within just a few seconds, you'll receive an estimate of our extraordinarily low translation rates and costs. Our translation rates are far lower than almost any other leading professional translation company.

Hebrew Translation Service in NYC

Because New York City has the highest percentage of Jewish and Hebrew speaking population in the U.S., it is very common for us to receive requests for English to Hebrew translation service in New York. These translations range from business document translation for contracts, financial business paperwork and accounting paperwork, to liturgy and religious documents needed for English to Hebrew or Hebrew to English translation, and as mentioned above, engineering translation from English to Hebrew as well. While we receive Hebrew translation requests from locations worldwide in a number of different industries and for a lot of reasons or materials, these are some of the most common. Hebrew translation in NYC is provided regularly to clients in that area who rely on us for only the most professional and accurate translation services.

Global 1000 Companies Prefer Our Hebrew Translation Service

Hebrew translation is unique in the sense that it reads in the opposite direction as English as well as most other European languages. There are also many aspects of Hebrew translation, such as multiple word meanings and sentence structure, that require translators to have more than a working knowledge of the language. Our Hebrew translators are bilingual English/Hebrew speakers, and have grown up speaking both languages naturally and have full knowledge of cultural contexts, expressions, idiomatic phrases, and other idiosyncrasies of each language. This is one of the many reasons why Fortune 500 companies and Global 1000 companies who need technical business translation, turn to Tomedes for not only English to Hebrew translation, but for Japanese to English translation, English to Chinese translation, Turkish to English translation, and all other major languages, as well some less common ones. To inquire about any language or translation project, please send us your inquiry at, or One of our linguistic project managers will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

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