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We provided environmental translation from English to Czech for a very prominent, globally recognized environmental organization.

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Czech Translation for Environmental Organization

April 18, 2011

Environmental Translation from English to Czech

Recently we provided Czech translation for a highly prominent, globally recognized environmental organization. This environmental organization did have regular publications in over 40 languages that we were providing publication and magazine translation for. They ceased publishing a regular magazine, so instead of magazines, we now provide regular translation service for research, web content, and other materials. Our client (whose name is kept confidential according to our company privacy and confidentiality policy) provides environmental research for distribution all over the world in dozens of languages, and still rely on us as their top translation company.

The most recent environmental translation service we provided for this client was for English to Turkish and English to Czech translation. As a leading translation service, we take responsibility for environmental translation of our client's research and reports very seriously. In order to provide an accurate translation of environmental research documents, localization is required for certain environmental industry terms, just like any other industry-specific technical translation. Environmental and scientific translation demands meticulous attention to detail, scrutinized proofreadings, and experienced translators who specialize in the industry. From our linguistic project managers to our editors, and translators to our double or triple-team proofreaders, we dedicate full and focused effort.

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Because we've been providing environmental translation service for this highly respected world organization for quite a few years, we have translated many language pairs for their publications and research. Previous language services have included English to Japanese, English to Thai, English to Albanian translation, English to Romanian translation, and much more. These environmental translations ranged from lengthy, quantitative research and reports to publications and magazine translations, with word counts ranging from 50 to tens of thousands. Because of our lightning fast turnaround time, extremely low rates and high quality service, our high profile clients -such as this environmental organization - continue to rely on our professional translation company.

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