Enhancing Labor Mobility through Effective Translation

Effective translation is key to international labor mobility. Discover how one government department enhanced labor mobility with Tomedes’ translation services.

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Enhancing Labor Mobility through Effective Translation

November 22, 2023

International labor mobility can have important economic benefits, increasing a country’s supply of workers and boosting its economy. US Bureau of Labor Statistics figures show the scale of such mobility; 18.1% of the US civilian labor force is foreign-born as of 2022. Translation is key to the effective communication between government departments, corporations, and diverse labor forces that enables this mobility. 

Our Client

Our client is a government department with responsibilities that include enabling economic growth and supporting labor mobility partnerships to operate effectively. The client’s employment mobility strategy is focused on international labor, with a view to maximizing productivity and easing the movement of workers to plug gaps in market demand. The work requires extensive communication and coordination to ensure that mobility partnerships benefit businesses and individual workers alikeand hence the economy as a whole. 

The Challenge 

The need to support businesses and workers with paperwork spanning immigration, employment law, and various financial matters was a key challenge for the client. It also presented several translation challenges. 

Chief among these was the need to extract and format information from a wide range of different file types, ensuring everything was ready for translation in an orderly fashion. Working with a hefty load of material, having the right tools for extraction and translation is imperative for efficiency.

The need for security and confidentiality was another challenge. Any breach could have had diplomatic and political implications, so the client needed a secure, trusted translation solution. 

Finally, the audiences' diverse purposes and multilingual needs are to be factored in. The translations would be read by corporations, government departments, and a demographically diverse labor force. 

Why Tomedes?

These multiple challenges meant the client needed sensitivity, robust security, confidentiality, as well as efficiency. Tomedes’ translation services provided all this and more:

Assembly of a dedicated team: We hand-picked a team with technical experts, translators, project managers, and dedicated customer support staff, meeting the client’s needs with meticulous attention to detail. 

Provision of best tools and platforms: From leading computer-assisted translation tools to in-depth glossaries, our team is equipped with the most advanced tools to facilitate seamless translation, collaboration, and communication. 

Commitment to integrity and professionalism: We always maintain impartiality when providing translation services, while a commitment to effectively communicating with intended audiences is at the core of everything we do.

Reliable, accredited translators can support increased labor mobility in globalization, maximizing the positive impact of worker mobility. Through carefully crafted, nuanced translations, we gain the trust of our clients. We provide high-quality translations consistently. 

The Result 

Translation services significantly enhance international mobility and have far-reaching impacts on governance, corporate collaboration, and employment. By breaking down language barriers, they enable smoother international travel and relocation, facilitating better understanding and compliance with local laws, regulations, and cultural norms.

In governance, translation services are vital for diplomatic relations, international policy-making, and multilateral negotiations, ensuring clear communication and mutual understanding among nations with different languages. In the corporate world, these services are essential for multinational operations, enabling businesses to collaborate across borders, share knowledge, and negotiate contracts with partners and clients. For individuals seeking employment, translation services open up global job opportunities, allowing them to access and understand job listings, application requirements, and employment laws in different countries.


Translation services are a cornerstone in the increasingly interconnected global landscape, supporting international cooperation, business expansion, and individual career growth across linguistic divides.

Do you need a translation partner you can trust to convey your messages accurately in other languages? Tomedes’ expert translation services can help you connect with your audiences while taking the stress out of the translation process. Contact us anytime to discuss your needs – we are here to help 24/7.  

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