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A new client recently challenged Tomedes to take on an extensive IT translation for her company. We were delighted to accepted her challenge!

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English to Turkmen IT translation

August 17, 2016

A new client recently challenged Tomedes to take on an extensive IT translation for her company. We were delighted to accepted her challenge! 

The client was looking to have a set of five IT documents translated from English to Turkmen. Spoken by residents of Turkmenistan, Turkey (Asia), Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia (Asia), Uzbekistan, Germany and the US, Turkmen translation is one of the less common requests that Tomedes receives. However, that didn’t mean that we didn’t have the perfect translator on hand to meet the client’s requirements. 

Our leading English to Turkmen translator was available for work and keen to get started on this sizeable translation project. Altogether the documents came to nearly 100,000 words of translation. The client had a month in which to complete the translation, so we knew that our translator was going to have to work efficiently. At 5,000 words per day (which is a very fast rate of translation), the documents would take 20 working days to translate. 

We also needed to build in time for our quality assurance team to check the translation for accuracy. Even on the most urgent of translation jobs, we always quality assure our translations – it’s part of what gives us the confidence to offer a one year guarantee for our translation service

Needless to say, our translator got to work right away on this job. We knew that she was both fast and accurate and were delighted to find that she was well ahead of schedule by the time she had translated 20,000 words. At the client’s request, we kept her updated as to progress with the translation, so the client was reassured that everything was in hand and that her deadline would not be an issue. 

In the end, our English to Turkmen translator exceeded all expectations and completed the translation in just over 17 working days. The client was delighted to receive such a fast and accurate translation service. Tomedes rises to the challenge once again! 

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