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English to Vietnamese School Registration Translation

April 02, 2010

There are almost one million foreign born Vietnamese living in the U.S. and Canada, and many immigrants in the UK as well. These immigrants often do not speak or read English well enough to completely understand how to do things like register their children for school. Recently we provided English to Vietnamese school registration translation for a client (whose information and details we must keep confidential according to our terms of service regarding nondisclosure for all clients).

The Vietnamese school registration translation allowed our client to be able to fully understand regulations and instructions for registering their child for the correct school within that particular school district. It is important for both individuals and public schools with Vietnamese students, who have non-English speaking parents, to offer Vietnamese document translation. To get a free quote for any kind of English to Vietnamese school document translation, simply use the top menu to send or upload your document. You'll be provided with an estimate almost instantaneously. It will also enable you to see that our translation service rates are quite low in comparison to other professional translation services. Most others charge two or three times as much as we do.

Tomedes offers any kind of English to Vietnamese document translation, such as quarterly student progress reports, school newsletters, parent permission forms, school medical records forms and required immunization records forms – another very important and common school document translation. Our Vietnamese translators are native speakers who understand the importance of cultural significance and meaning when translating any document.

There is no such thing as a word for word literal translation with any English to Vietnamese translation. Even with the smallest of documents, an automatic or electronic translator is full of errors and inefficiencies, especially with an English to Vietnamese school document translation, which may be full of localized terms, depending upon the country, state or province, and locality. The only reliable way to ensure that Vietnamese parents are staying as informed as any other parents, is to provide them with Vietnamese document translation for any and all important student information. For this, professional human translation service like Tomedes is the only way to go.

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