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Tomedes translates manuals to and from Spanish such as training manuals, operation manuals, and product manuals. Our expert translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate and reliable Spanish manual translations. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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English to Spanish Training Manual Translation

April 25, 2010

Some of the most easily accessible and common positions for new Mexican and Latin American immigrants are maid services and housekeeping positions. For new immigrants who do not speak English, cleaning staff and housekeeping positions provide stable income without the need for a lot of communication in a language they do not yet know. This is why English to Spanish manual translation is so important for newly acquired non-English speaking migrant workers.

Hotel housekeeping departments, commercial cleaning services, office and residential cleaning services, and privately owned maid services are some of the biggest clients for this type of English to Spanish manual translation, as well as Portuguese version of training manuals and employee handbooks. Spanish and Portuguese translated employee manuals and training materials are an essential inclusion to these industries and services, in order to communicate properly with all of their employees and staff. To get a free quote on any English to Spanish translation, or any Portuguese translation, simply use the top menu to send us your document. You'll get an estimate of our extremely affordable, uncommonly low translation rates, allowing you to see that our service costs are up to 75% less than almost any other professional translation provider.

Empower Migrant Workers With Professional English to Spanish Manual Translation

English manual  translation to Spanish and Portuguese is extremely important for businesses and industries with positions traditionally filled by non-English speaking migrant workers, or even positions that have a high turnover. Besides the housekeeping departments and cleaning services, some of these industries include restaurants, clubs and hospitality facilities, large or commercial farms, commercial greenhouses, landscaping businesses and factories. Any industrial business that staffs a lot of manual labor positions should have their training manuals translated to Spanish, as well as Portuguese. Portuguese is spoken by over 50% of South America, and many migrant workers also come from Portuguese speaking locations, primarily Brazil.

High Quality Service with Fair and Affordable Cost

While other professional Spanish and Portuguese document translation companies may cost over $100 per translated page, our translation rates are both fair and affordable to everyone. Staying on budget and finding frugal solutions to business expenses and overhead is more important than ever in this economy. Tomedes is a leading translation provider whose expert translators provide accurate, fast translations at literally a fraction of other professional translation providers charge – and still provide the same level and class of quality service.

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