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English to Spanish Patent Translation

May 24, 2010

By Ofer Tirosh

Partial, Non-technical and Technical Patent Translation

Patent translation is necessary for several purposes and may be requested for non-technical or technical patent translation. For technical patent translation, it is most often requested by clients needing technical scientific translators, medical translators, and engineering or computer science translators. For non-technical patent translation, it is used for finding prior or existing art within the same industry. Patent translation is usually used for either litigation, for informational purposes, or for patent filing. Patent filing is more technical, and can often mean technical medical translation scientific translation, translation of information technology, or pharmaceutical translation.

Recently a client located in San Diego requested a patent translation from English to Spanish for informational purposes. While the client could easily research patents within the San Diego area as well as throughout the U.S., they needed patent translation to research prior art in Spain. This kind of translation often does not require word for word translation of the entire patent, but rather the client simply sends the patent along with a list of questions that need answered in the target language. You can get a free quote for any technical patent translation or non-technical patent translation by sending the document to our system using the menu on the left. You'll receive an estimate within seconds and as always – the absolute lowest translation rates of any professional translation business.

Japanese Patent Translation to French Patent Translations

There are three patent enterprises to keep in mind that professional patent translators may have to translate terms and regulations for filing patents, which include the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office, and the Japanese Patent Office. These three patent offices will vary in rules and regulations about patents, and some patents need only be submitted to one; some to all three. In this case, the pending patent was located in San Diego, and the client wanted to research translated patent documentation in Spain, which was on file with the EPO.

Clients requesting patents for pharmaceuticals, biochemical products, or anything within the medical field need translators with degrees and experience in the particular field of the patent submission. For instance, we have recently provided French patent translation as well as English to Japanese translation of a patent. We can provide professional translators in nearly any language and industry, for any kind of translation of a patent.

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