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Tomedes was recently asked to undertake an English to Spanish textbook translation for a regular client.

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English to Spanish Education Textbook Translation

June 26, 2014

Tomedes was recently asked to undertake an English to Spanish education textbook translation for a regular client. The client worked with international schools and colleges to provide educational materials, including textbooks, workbooks and other written materials. 

For this particular project, the client needed not just translation of the copy, but also professional typesetting, so that the Spanish version of the book looked exactly the same as the English version. Our desktop publishing team examined the file and we provided the client with an extremely competitive quote. He asked us to proceed and we got to work at once. 

One of our leading educational document translators based in Cadiz undertook the work, which he completed within just under two weeks – an excellent result for a book of this size. The translated copy was then handed over to our professional desktop publishing team to take care of the layout. After that, our final checks involved professional proofreading to ensure that the text was absolutely flawless

The client was thrilled, just as he had been with the other translation jobs that we had undertaken previously for him. Once again he found that Tomedes simply could not be beaten on price or quality


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