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English to Portuguese Ezine Translation

April 16, 2010

Portuguese Translated Ezine for Bigger Audience

Recently Tomedes' Portuguese translators have had the pleasure of providing an ezine translation for a tattoo artist from Manhattan, NY (specific details about our clients must remain undisclosed due to our strict confidentiality agreement). The Portuguese ezine translation included articles, information, and an interview with a prominent artist in New York. Brazilian tattoo art is prevalent both in its own country and as a style among many other tattoo artists. It is things like this that open up a traffic to a website or ezine, as well as to the products and services any business sells. Portuguese is a widely spoken language in both hemispheres, and should not be overlooked as an audience source, as well as increased revenue. To reach your Portuguese audience with an English to Portuguese ezine translation, simply upload your document using the topmenu. You'll get an instant estimate, which will immediately reveal how much lower our translation rates are compared to any other professional translation service.

Triple Strength Professional Translation Service

This particular ezine was normal length for an ezine, but large as translations go – which goes to show that our Portuguese translators were up for the task. They delivered the translation in less than a week, even with such a large text. It was then proofread by an advanced English to Portuguese translator, and the project was overseen by a project manager, to ensure that the ezine translation was staying on track. Our collaborative approach to not only Portuguese ezine translation, but all of our translations, is much of what guarantees our clients solid accuracy and fast turnaround for translations. It's also a unique approach compared to other professional translation services – many of whom assign a translation to one translator and one translator only. Because Tomedes has a network of over 5,000 translators worldwide, we have the ability to provide an excellence in professional translation service that is unparalleled.

To get your Portuguese ezine translation questions, or any others, answered, connect to our free live chat for a more in-depth consultation, available 24 hours a day.

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