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English to Polish Hotel Brochure Translation

May 23, 2010

By Ofer Tirosh

Brochure Translation from New York to Polish Markets

Recently a client requested hotel brochure translation from English to Polish as well as hotel brochure translation from English to Russian. The hotel brochures were submitted by a client using brochure translation in New York to help expand into Russian and Polish locations. Another purpose of the hotel brochure translation was to reach Russian and Polish markets with advertisement and hotel literature about the client hotel New York location (specific information about the client cannot be disclosed due to strict confidentiality policies).

By translating hotel brochures, hotel owners and corporations can reach broader markets and attain more traffic by extending advertisements to languages other than their native language. Reaching a bigger market has obvious advantages for any business. To get a free quote on any Russian or Polish hotel brochure translation, or a hotel brochure translation in any other language, simply copy or upload your document using the menu on the left, or input the total word count. You'll receive an estimate in seconds and the lowest translation prices available from any leading translation service.

Marketing Localization for Brochure Translation

This particular hotel brochure translation project required one English to Russian translator with tourism and travel translating experience, and one English to Polish translator. Typically Tomedes also assigns a translation project supervisor with expert level knowledge of the industry or subject matter of the translation – in this instance, tourism and travel translation as well as translation from English to Polish, and English to Russian.

While brochure translation may not require experience with professional technical translations, it does often require marketing and advertising localization. Things like logos, slogans, symbols and other marketing tactics must often use marketing localization such as Polish or Russian advertisement localization, to ensure that any embarrassing mistranslations do not occur. Certain phrases, symbols, and other marketing techniques often mean something quite different from culture to culture. This is why hotel brochure localization is often needed along with the brochure translation itself.

Other recent brochure translations have included Hebrew brochure translation, Belarusian brochure translation, and Spanish business translation of brochures. We've provided these and many more all for the most affordable translation cost you can find with any professional translation company.

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