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February 03, 2010

Service: English to Polish Translation

Number of words: 1050

We have been asked by a large Canadian company to translate a highly sensitive document from English to Polish. We can disclose any details of course regarding the nature of the document. All we can say is that it is related to investments.

For these types of confidential business translations we work with professional translators who had been working for us for a long time. We also ask them to sign a non disclosure agreement just to be in the safe side.

We had assigned one of our best Polish translators and once he completed translating, a second translator proofread the Polish translation making sure it is accurate and consistent.

I don’t know if it is statistically valid but based on the number of translations we are doing for Eastern European languages their economic status must be getting better. We get more and more translation projects from English into Polish, Romanian, Albanian, Ukrainian and Russian


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