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An American client asked for a fast translation of 5 words from English into Nepali

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January 27, 2010

Service – English to Nepali tattoo translation and proofreading

Number of words – 5

We get more and more professional tattoo translations requests lately.

This time an American client asked for a fast translation of 5 words from English into Nepali. We have quickly assigned it to one of our experienced Nepali translators and send the translated text for proofreading by a second one.

The client received the translation within a short time which included an image of the Nepali script and a MS Word document with the Nepali font.

We asked some of the most popular tattoo artists around the world who have chosen Tomedes as their main translation provider why they keep coming back to us.

Their main reasons were the following:

1. Professional translation – Our translations are always accurate and done by expert translators

2. Fast Translations – We provide a translation for any language much faster than other translation services

3. All languages – Tomedes translates almost any languages including African and Eastern languages which are popular for tattoo translations.


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