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Large presentation translation from English to Maltese for a science and physics conference in Minneapolis.

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English to Maltese Translation of Science Conference

August 01, 2010

Maltese Translation of Scientific Presentation & Audio Transcription

Audio translation can mean many different things, as can presentation translation, or scientific translation. For this particular translation request, all three of these language translation categories were a part of the process. A client from the Minneapolis area recently requested English to Maltese translation of a physics conference. Because the physics conference was to be translated from audio to document format, was based upon scientific subject matters, and also included presentations, this particular scientific translation was also just as much an audio and presentation translation as it was a scientific one.

There are many translation projects we receive that require combined areas of experience or expertise. While this Maltese translation required audio translation and presentation translation in addition to scientific, other combination project examples are legal-medical translation, financial and business translation, and legal-financial translation. Tomedes is able to assign translators to any kind of multi-tasked or combination translation, because many of our translators have years of experience in multiple areas, as well as specific areas of expertise. To get a free quote for any presentation translation or scientific translation, or for any Maltese document translation, simply use the menu on the left to send your files or input the total word count. You'll receive an instant estimate, without having to include any personal information – not even your email. Additionally, you will quickly see that we offer the lowest cost translation service compared to any top translation company.

Scientific Translation in Minneapolis, Environmental Translation in CA, & More

The client needing translation in Minneapolis (specific details about clients are prohibited from disclosure due to confidentiality agreements) had video/audio recording of a physics conference, which needed transcribed from English audio to Maltese document translation. The translators assigned were required to have scientific document translation experience, as well as experience translating presentations and visual or audio material. Because this project was a fairly large task, multiple translators were assigned for translating, proofreading, and project supervision. As a professional translation company with years of experience providing non-document and document translation service, we have a highly developed system for delivering fast and accurate results, much like the one for this Maltese translation of a scientific conference.

Other recent scientific translation projects we have provided to our clients include an information technology translation from English to Japanese, various clinical trial research and medical translation projects, and environmental translation from Finnish to English, as well as Swedish translation, for an environmental company in California. There are many other similar translations we have provided as a leading translation service, and continue to provide our clients accurate and fast service while also offering reasonable, affordable low cost translation service.

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