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English to Latin Tattoo Translation

April 02, 2010

Our Latin translators were asked to provide an English to Latin translation for a client who wanted to use the Latin text for a tattoo. The Latin tattoo translation was a Biblical verse in English, taken from the book of Deuteronomy. Further details cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality agreements that we provide to all of our clients. Your information and privacy is always secure with our translation service.

Tattoo translation is a very popular service Tomedes provides to our clients, especially to young adult men and women. Much of the reason that our younger clients appreciate and continue to use our Latin translators, is due to our extremely affordable translation service rates. Most freelance translators and even other large translation services have flat rates, or have minimum requirements. However, at Tomedes, we have provided tattoo translation for as little as $7. That's a lot less than your tattoo! If you have an idea for a tattoo, or you need any type of Latin translation, you can get a free quote by simply just sending your text or file using the top menu. You'll get an instant detailed estimate that will affirm our affordable translation service rates.

English to Latin translation is not a commonly found service, because Latin is a dead language: it is no longer actively spoken. For this reason, very few choose to learn the language, and even fewer choose to become proficient English to Latin translators. However, you can be confident that our Latin translation service is always provided by translators with years of experience and official certification.

Whether you want a Latin tattoo translation of a religious text, or any other Latin translation for any other reason, Tomedes can provide it all, and always at the lowest and most affordable translation rate.

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