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English to Korean Pharmaceutical Translation

February 10, 2014

By Ofer Tirosh

A long-term client recently asked Tomedes to undertake the urgent translation of a pharmaceutical document from English to Korean. We were happy to help and asked one of our top Korean translators, based in Daegu, to complete the work. The client needed the Korean version of the document within three days, so our translator started immediately.

Pharmaceutical translation is highly specialized due to the technical medical terms and procedure descriptions used frequently within the text. Tomedes ensures that all of the translators working on pharmaceutical and medical translations for our clients have a background that relates to the context of the work they are undertaking. Thus for this particular job our translator was a retired chemist, who had pursued his dream of becoming a professional translator when he retired from running his business.

The translator provided the final document within two days, in plenty of time for the client’s deadline. Tomedes proofread it before handing it over to the client, as we always carry out these kinds of quality assurance checks to ensure that every completed translation is flawless. With the translation returned before his deadline and a surprisingly low-cost invoice, the client was very happy with the professional translation service provided by Tomedes

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