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Sharing international knowledge is a common reason for translations like the medical brochure translated from English to Korean by Tomedes.

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English to Korean Medical Brochure Translation

January 27, 2014

Sharing knowledge across international borders is a common reason for translations like the medical brochure translated from English to Korean by Tomedes last week. Such translations ensure that the latest developments in the field of medicine can be shared across the globe, benefitting all those in the healthcare profession and those they treat.

Medical translation is a skilled practice, for which Tomedes has recruited specialist medical translators from a wide range of countries. These individuals have backgrounds in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, which ensure they are familiar with the complex terminology required for the translation of medical documents.

For this particular client’s medical brochure, we approached one of our translators in Seoul, who was able to start immediately and complete the entire translation within just three days. We then proofread the brochure and carried out our usual quality assurance checks before providing the client with the translated version. These processes ensure that every client is provided with a flawless translation, every time.

The client was happy to receive the translated medical brochure in such a short timescale and was even more pleased with the low price that Tomedes charged for the high quality translation service that we provided. 

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