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November 01, 2013

The internet has done wonders for the global fashion industry. Trends are no longer localised but instead can spread across the world, capturing the imaginations (and wallets) of fashion followers in a wide range of different countries. 

For the modern fashion business, this means that its online presence cannot just be limited to one language. To do so would be to cut itself off from huge areas of potential revenue. This was the conclusion of a fashion retailer who approached Tomedes recently, asking us to translate his footwear website from English to Japanese, in order to open up his company to the Japanese market. 

It was essential for the client to have someone work on the translation who understood the fashion industry within Japan. Certain key phrases would not translate directly from English to Japanese, so the translator needed to understand the types of footwear that were popular in both countries and correlate the colloquial phrases used to describe them. 

At Tomedes we have built up a large bank of professional translators from all walks of life. Our leading man in Japan was a stylish young individual who we instantly knew was the perfect candidate for the job. He was familiar with Japan’s fashion industry and regularly undertook shopping trips to London, so we knew his knowledge of the world of men’s shoes would serve him well for this project. As someone who had translated websites for us before, we also knew that he was familiar with SEO techniques and with translating copy that would engage with potential customers in Japan. 

The website was just shy of 3,750 words in total and, as the client was in a rush to reach out to his new Japanese market, we undertook the translation as a priority. Within three days, the fully translate Japanese website was handed over to the client, ready for him to publish online and begin retailing overseas. 

Our translation service was slick and professional, providing the client with the tool that he needed to expand his company, and in record time. Needless to say, he was extremely impressed and has pledged to use Tomedes again next time he reaches out to a new country in which to sell his wares. 

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