English to Japanese Translation of a Business Proposal

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English to Japanese Translation of a Business Proposal

August 19, 2011

By Ofer Tirosh

Facilitating Global Business Development Via Business Translation Services

Business translation covers a vast array of documents, and serves just as many purposes. One of those purposes being to bridge the communication gap between businesses of different cultures and languages. Even more interesting is an English to Japanese translation of a business proposal, which makes an appeal to bridge the cultural gaps between American and Japanese (and all Asian) business methods and modes. This is exactly the kind of business proposal we recently translated for a client in Ohio. The proposal was sent to our client's business associate in Japan, and sought to unite Japanese and American company resources and networking systems, in order to benefit each one, as well as their individual and joint business developments in Japan.

More importantly, the proposal sought to further understand and emulate Asian business culture, not only in Japan but in China as well. It's this kind of international impact resulting from Japanese and Chinese translation, and all our language services, that propels not only our enthusiasm and eagerness, but business communication and cultural understanding both inside and outside of global business co-ops. International business endeavors, and the communication needed therein, is not possible withoutbusiness translation services, or without aprofessional translation company to provide those services. The fact that our translation company facilitates cultural communication and cooperative international developments, whether in the business world or any other arena, is one of the reasons behind our drive and our passion to provide high quality translation.

To request abusiness translation like this one, or to receive information and/or a quote on any language translation needed, email an inquiry with original documents and any translation specifications to info@tomedes.com. We'll reply back with all necessary information to proceed with an expedited professional document translation. If you want an estimate more immediately without initiating anything, simply use the drop-down menu on the left to select your languages, and input your word count or upload documents. You'll have a full quote within a matter of seconds, without so much as entering an email address.

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