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As medical tourism increases, businesses relating to the medical profession are needing to offer their documentation in a range of languages.

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October 24, 2013

Demand for the professional translation of medical documents is on the increase. As medical tourism becomes a globally embraced means of individuals finding the right care at the right price, businesses relating to all aspects of the medical profession are finding that they need to offer their documentation in an ever wider range of languages. 

Tomedes was recently asked to provide an English to Japanese translation service for a clinical paper. The paper contained extremely technical terms, so it was essential that our Japanese translator had a medical background and previous experience of working on medical documents. Thankfully, Tomedes approach of maintaining a global network of professional translators meant that we knew precisely who would be able to undertake this work as soon as we saw the nature of the project.  

Our translator based in Nagoya has a background in the pharmaceutical industry, so he was familiar with the technical terms presented in the paper. He undertook the 10,000 word job, which the client needed back within two weeks. Working on just this job until it was completed, he managed to return the translation within six days. 

After a few queries were clarified with the client, to be sure that the meaning of the translated document was precisely that of the original, we assigned a member of our desktop publishing team to typeset the document. This was at the client’s request and is part of Tomedes’ full translation service offering. The final version of the document was delivered within eight days of it having been assigned. 

By focusing on human translation and avoiding computer-generated translation, and by having a bank of translators with expertise in all manner of sectors, Tomedes ensures that we always have the right person to meet every client’s needs, to matter how detailed or technical their documents may be. 

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