English to Japanese business card translation for an international bank

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English to Japanese business card translation for an international bank

May 06, 2015

By Ofer Tirosh

The other day we were contacted by a client representing a major international bank. This client worked in the human resources department of a local branch in New York, US, and the client explained to Jerry (one of our account managers) that they were due to meet with some Japanese customers in a few days for an insurance consultation.

The client explained that they had all the necessary paperwork for the consultation prepared in Japanese already, but that they had overlooked a minor aspect of their upcoming meeting: if the client did not want to take out insurance at that specific time, then the bank would have to leave their potential clients with contact details in the form of a business card. However, a Japanese version of this employee’s business card didn’t exist, and so our client wanted us to translate his business card into Japanese should he need to give it away.

Jerry (one of Tomedes account managers) told the client that this would be a very easy task for our expert Japanese translator to accomplish, and thanks to the small amount of text on our client’s business card, the completed translation could be returned to the client within a couple of hours. This satisfied the client, who commissioned the translation to begin.

We have offered the client to take care of the graphical design of the business card as well ensuring the Japanese business card will have the same formatting and layout as the original English one. The client was very pleased to find out we provide DTP services as well and approved the project.

Our leading Japanese translator, began to translate the business card. He lives in Tokyo, Japan and often translates business-related documents for our clients with both speed and accuracy. The translator returned the translated business card to the client within an hour, which pleased the client greatly.

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