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English to Haitian-Creole Grant Proposal Translation

April 02, 2010

Tomedes is proud to be a part of the relief efforts in Haiti by offering English to Haitian-Creole translation for various relief assistance documents. Currently this is primarily in the form of grant proposals, as various non-profits and rescue agencies are requesting grants from governments, Amnesty, organizations and private funding. However, we can translate any kind of document from English to Haitian-Creole, regardless of how technical or specialized. We recently provided a Haitian-Creole grant proposal translation for one of our clients. Details and specific information cannot be disclosed, because Tomedes grants all of its clients full confidentiality.

Relief efforts and aid to Haiti is an ongoing project for many organizations and volunteer services. Part of the relief effort involves requesting funds from various sources in a formal proposal, which then require Haitian document translation, in order to be sent to Haitian correspondents and participants. If you need relief and rescue documents to be translated, including grant proposal translation, we have readily available Haitian-Creole translators with years of experience with non-profits and grant-writing. To request a free quote on a Haitian-Creole grant proposal translation, simply use the menu on the left to send or upload your document. You'll be given a detailed estimate within seconds. You'll immediately see the difference in our translation service rates, which are far lower and more affordable than other translation services.

Low translation service rates are important for non-profit organizations because of their limited budgets and resources. This is why Tomedes is the best translation service for any rescue organization or non-profit with a need for Haitian-Creole translation. In addition to low rates, we will translate your grant proposal or other relief documents as quickly as you need them – usually within 24-48 hours. However, we've provided full translations in at little as 3-4 hours. For fast, affordable and convenient Haitian-Creole document translation, connect to our online chat for free private consultation.

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