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English to French Business Letter Translation

August 29, 2014

By Ofer Tirosh

Despite the growth of email usage, business letters remain an essential communication tool, such as the English to French business letter translation completed for a regular client by Tomedes last week. 

With more than 73 million native speakers around the globe, French is an ancient language that remains an important part of the world’s linguistic makeup through to the modern day. One of our regular clients often requires his business letters to be translated into French from their original English versions. Quality is top of his priority list and machine translation will certainly not suffice.  

Our leading French business translator based in Beauvais specialises in the translation of all manner of business documents, including letters and emails. She was available to undertake this job immediately for the client and was more than capable of meeting his strict deadline for the delivery of the French version of the letter. 

Within just 24 hours, we had translated the letter, submitted it to our standardised round of quality assurance checks and delivered the translated version to the client. He was understandably delighted, as our speed of service and quality of translation meant that his company could once again present itself to the French speaking market as a reputable and professional company with which to deal. 

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