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We have recently provided a number of clients with e-commerce and business website translation service, including localized keyword and SEO translation.

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English to Chinese Translation for E-commerce Website

October 04, 2010

Expand Your Market with E-business Translation Service

One of the most useful applications of translation service is for any type of e-business or e-commerce website. There is a lot of statistical information about consumers buying from websites and e-businesses that are offered in their native language. 78% of internet users are non-native English speakers, and are 6 times less likely to make important purchases of products or services if the website is offered in English only. If your website is not translated and localized, 85% of internet users will not make a purchase if the site is not offered in their language, especially for more important buys. For instance, over 20% of internet users are Chinese language speakers. Because of this, it's a very good idea to invest in English to Chinese translation and localization service by our experienced translators and linguistic managers at Tomedes.

There are also statistics that offer information on the percentage of internet users who speak a particular language. After Chinese, the third most commonly spoken language among internet users is Spanish, which comprises over 8% of internet users. For solely American websites and American statistics, this number is much higher. In addition to English to Chinese translation service, it's also highly recommended to use English to Spanish translation of your website as well. For a free quote on any e-business or website translation service, simply input the total number of words using the menu on the left, or upload your documents and choose your languages, to receive an instant estimate. For a fast quote on more complex documents, please email us at, or and we'll reply as quickly as possible.

We translate website content on almost a daily basis, so the amount of recent website translations we've provided are too many to count. As just a few examples, we've recently provided website translation from English to Turkish, English to Greek translation, and Russian to English translation for a Russian business website. All of the clients who have taken advantage of our perfected translation service and linguistic project management for website localization and translation services were emphatically pleased with the results. All began to see immediate increases in their web traffic as well as their conversion rates and overall sales.

E-commerce and Website Translation Expands Profit Potential No Matter Where You Are

One of the reasons that localization is also important, along with translation, is not only for language purposes, but for SEO content and search engine crawlers on each country's local server. In order to have the right consumers and web traffic be able to find your website regardless of your location - for example, translation for San Francisco based e-commerce - you need the correct SEO content and keyword translation, in order for a given country's server (for example, to properly catalog and rank your keywords. Website translation is almost always more than just basic content or document translation service. However, whether you're located in Washington D.C., Detroit, or the middle of Kansas, website translation and localization is a worthwhile investment that pays off almost immediately. With our professional e-business translation services, we help you enter the global market, which dramatically and exponentially expands the profit potential of your e-commerce site.

Tomedes is the leading translation service not only for English to Chinese translation, English to Spanish, Spanish to English, English to Greek translation, or any other major language combination for websites, e-businesses and e-commerce sites, but for many, many industries and any reason. One of the reasons is our absolute guaranteed translation perfectionism, but also our consistently low translation rates, which are considerably lower than almost any other professional translation company.

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