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Business card translation is a business translation service we have provided in many languages for all types of businesses; this instance was business card translation from English to Chinese.

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Business Card Translation from English to Chinese

May 21, 2011

Develop Your International Market with Business Card Translation

One of our recent translations was requested by a business that had recently expanded its efforts to include a target audience and operations in China. One of the first steps in doing so was to request English to Chinese translation of their business cards, brochures, and a few other business documents providing company info. This is an obvious requirement for any company that is relocating, expanding to Chinese speaking locations, or will have any business exchanges and interaction with Chinese consumers and/or clients. It is a proven fact that revenue and sales increase when a company or corporation communicates in the native language of potential customers. Anyone living or working in a Chinese market is well advised to get their own business card translation.

One of the primary professional translation services we offer at our translation company is business translation for corporate international to private individual businesses. We have provided some kind of business translation for the majority of our clients, from small business card translation projects to entire websites, product manuals, contracts and more. For a detailed estimate on any business translation service, send your documents to  and one of our linguistic project managers will return your inquiry. For an instant quote on a business card translation, simply use the menu on the left to select your languages and attach your business card or input the word count. You'll have a general estimate within a few seconds – no personal information required

All Major Language Translation Service for Any Industry

Our Chinese translators have thorough knowledge and familiarity with English language and culture, selected through a valuable resource of translators with industry-specific skills. Whether our clients have businesses in engineering, information technology, manufacturing, automotive, legal, or any other industry, we have translators to provide translation in over 50 languages. Business card translation from English to Chinese is just one small example of the many documents and languages that we provide translation services for, as a professional translation company, for Fortune 1000 and small company clients alike. We've also recently provided Japanese translation for a client's business card, business website translation from English to French and Spanish, and engineering technical translation from German to English

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