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English to Arabic Legal Document Translation

April 23, 2010

Safe, Confidential Legal Translation Service from English to Arabic

Recently a client needed an urgent translation from English to Arabic for a legal document needed in a supreme court hearing (the country location of the supreme court remains undisclosed due to confidentiality privileges of client). The document was a little more than 1200 words in length, and it needed English to Arabic legal translation in no more than 24 hours. This is a common translation request for Tomedes, so this kind of legal document translation is easily assigned competent English-Arabic translators.

One of the reasons that we receive requests for Arabic legal document requests so frequently is because Arabic document translation is one of the top ten most requested languages in business translation, and legal document translation is also extremely common and frequently needed. To get a free quote on any English to Arabic document translation, or any legal translation, simply send us your files using the top menu. You'll receive an estimate of our super low translation rates within seconds. Immediately you will realize just how much more affordable and reasonable our translation company costs are when compared to other professional translation services.

One of the things that was stressed about this particular Arabic legal document translation was that it contained highly sensitive and confidential information. The client had reservations until we provided a non-disclosure agreement as we do for all of our clients who request it. Even without a non-disclosure agreement, our professional translation company terms of service state full confidential privileges to all of our clients, regardless of the content.

Fast Turnaround For All Urgent Legal Document Translations

The other important demand for this particular translation from English to Arabic was that it be delivered in under 24 hours. To meet the demands of urgent legal translations, Tomedes assigns a team of legal translators with English to Arabic translation skills. If the document is short, we assign one translator, one proofreader, and one team supervisor. If the document is longer, than we use several Arabic translators and proofreaders, overseen by an experienced, highly skilled Arabic linguist with the knowledge and seasoned history of providing translation project supervision.

This strategy has proven to be 100% effective with any rushed, urgent or fast translation turnaround demands for any kind of translation, and in any language. We will get your legal translation back to you as soon as you need it, often within a few hours. We have a documented history of providing this exact type of urgent legal translation service. For any questions you might still have regarding any English to Arabic translation, or any Arabic legal translation, email us at or connect to our live chat available 24 hours.

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