Accurate Swahili Medical Translation

Tomedes provides medical translation from English to Swahili and vice versa for a range of documents such as medical records, informed consent forms, and case reports. Our nativetranslators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate and reliable Swahili medical translations. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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Professional Swahili Medical Translation

December 05, 2018

This page was last updated on December 20, 2022.

Translation can bring about many benefits. It can help people to live and work overseas, aid our understanding of other cultures and help businesses to expand internationally. Translation can even, in the case of medical translation, save lives. 

Sharing details of new findings, procedures and medicines is an important part of the medical community’s work. Sending knowledge around the globe as it emerges helps countries to update their practices and fuels future research. 

The field of medical translation is, understandably, a precise and detailed area of work. Translators have to understand complex medical terms in both languages. This enables them to provide expert translation – there is no room for error when it comes to medical documents. 

English to Swahili Medical Document Translation

Tomedes provides medical translation services to clients around the globe. Most recently, a new client needed a Swahili translation for his medical documents. We paired his job with our leading Swahili medical translator, to ensure a flawless translation. 

Our expert translator got to work straight away. His medical translation experience meant that he was able to work competently and professionally through the papers, unphased by any of the technical terms or complex medical jargon. The result was an accurate Swahili medical translation, produced in good time for the client’s deadline. 

The client was delighted to receive such an efficient and friendly service. He was also pleasantly surprised by the reasonable translation price, having budgeted rather more than the job actually cost. From our side, we were thrilled to have helped the client to carry out his international medical work – it’s always a nice feeling to make the world a better place through the medium of translation! 

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No matter the subject of your documents, Tomedes can provide accurate translations at an excellent price. We cover all manner of file types and offer translation services in over 90 languages. Speak to us by phone, email or the live chat service on our website to find out how we can help you. 


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