English to Russian real estate translation

A client asked Tomedes to help translate his property documents from English to Russian.

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English to Russian real estate translation

August 01, 2018

With fluctuating property values and varying legal requirements in different countries, international real estate transactions can be a tricky business. They can be even more complex when it comes to negotiating those transactions in a foreign language. That’s why many people who are engaged in cross-border real estate transactions turn to professional translation services for support.

International real estate transactions aren’t simply about people moving from one country to another. Holiday home purchases, property inheritance and private rental arrangements can all give rise to the need for professional real estate translation. Most recently, a client asked Tomedes to help translate his property documents from English to Russian. 

The client was investing in a property in the UK and, while he spoke reasonable English, he wanted to review the fine print of the documentation in his native language. As such, we undertook the Russian translation of his papers, so that he could be certain of understanding every commitment of the property transaction that he was making. 

Tomedes always uses professional human translators for work of this nature. Indeed, we don’t use machine translation for any of the work that we undertake. That’s because only humans are capable of producing translations that meet our exacting standard. Machine translation may be improving, but it’s got a long way to go before it can match the skills of human translators!

We completed this client’s translation in good time, allowing him to continue with his real estate transaction in a timely fashion and with a full understanding of what he was signing up to, resulting in another very happy Tomedes client. 

Whether you have a personal need for translation services or a professional one (or a combination of both!), Tomedes is here to help. You can chat to our helpful team by email, on the phone or by using the live chat function on our website – so why not get in touch today to see how we can help to take the stress out of your translation jobs?

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