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Tomedes translates resumes and CVs from Russian to English (and vice versa) for various official needs such as overseas employment and freelancing. Our native translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate translations of Russian resumes and CVs. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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Certified Russian CV and Resume Translation to Any Language

February 14, 2016

Tomedes is often asked to undertake CV translation and we have a great team of translators around the world with the skills and experience to provide perfect CV and resume translations, whatever the language. 

Most recently, a new client approached us asking for the translation of his CV from English to Russian. He has secured the opportunity to undertake a work placement with a large company in Russia as part of an international scheme and needed to present his CV in both English and Russian to complete the paperwork. 

Not only did the client want his CV translated, he also wanted the Russian version to be typeset to mirror the original version. 


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This presented no problem for Tomedes. One of our top Russian translators was able to complete the CV translation within 24 hours. She then passed it over to our desktop publishing team to present in the same format as the original. In less than two days, the client had a perfectly presented Russian version of their CV that he had sent to us. 

Not only was the client delighted with the speed of our service and the quality of the work undertaken by our desktop publishing team, but he was also pleased to find out how reasonable our rates were. The whole service cost him substantially less than he had imagined when he was first told that he needed to provide his CV in Russian. 


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For CV translations from Russian to English Tomedes has the perfect translator on hand for the job. Our network of professional human translators extends around the globe, meaning we work 24/7 on producing high quality translations for our international client base. Contact us today by phone, email or live web chat for more information, or use our website for an instant quote.

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