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Perfect Polish Translation

May 21, 2017

App and software translation is a huge – and growing – part of the translation industry. As technology continues to evolve, so too do developers’ horizons. Not only are they pushing the boundaries of what technology can do, but where that technology can be used. This means that developers are increasingly seeking to present their software and apps in new languages, in order to maximise their geographical reach. 

A tech company recently approached Tomedes for just this reason. It had developed a successful piece of software and related app, which had already sold well in several countries. Now it was seeking to expand its horizons and sell its products in Polish and Italian speaking markets. 

The Tomedes team was happy to help. Our translation service covers a range of language pairings and with more than 5,000 professional translators in our network we were quickly able to find both an English to Polish translator and an English to Italian translator. 

The client was after a quick translation, so our translation rate covered both translators working concurrently to produce the translations in the fastest possible time. Both translators had previous experience of working on technical translations, so were well positioned to tackle the task at hand with maximum efficiency. We always seek to match our translators’ particular experience and skills with the work at hand in this way, as we’ve found it makes for a superior quality translation and more productive translation process. 

The tech company was highly impressed with the service that Tomedes delivered. Both translations were provided in good time and the client was pleased with the overall translation price for the job. Three further languages are now in the pipeline as a result of this strong performance! 

For all of your business translation needs, no matter how specialist, contact the Tomedes team today. 

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