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Tomedes translates various Polish business letters to English (and vice versa) for various internal and external needs. Our native translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate translations of Polish business letters. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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English to Polish Business Letter Translations for any Industry or Field

February 28, 2016

page updated January 04, 2023

Modern companies use many methods to communicate with their employees: email, social media and business chat programmes being three popular options. But when it comes to important corporate decisions, business letters remain a popular way to get the message across to every staff member. 

Recently, Tomedes was able to assist a client with just such a task. The company had been founded in England but also operated an office in Poland. A significant change to the company structure was due to take place and this needed to be communicated to the staff team. 

While the business generally translated documents in-house, the senior team felt that a word-perfect translation was essential for this particular message. Therefore the company approached Tomedes in order that we could provide them with a professional translation of their business letter from English to Polish. 


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Our top English to Polish translator in Warsaw was available to undertake this work and got started immediately. The letter was important but not overly lengthy and so within two days we were able to complete the translation and have it assessed by the Tomedes quality assurance team. This team looks at every translation we produce in order to assess its accuracy and ensure that Tomedes maintains its global reputation for high quality translations.  

The client was delighted with the output of our professional Polish business letter translator, more so with their fast turnaround time. He was also extremely pleased with the value for money he received from our translation service. Another happy Tomedes customer!


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