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English-Korean Translation for Websites and Manufacturing

April 25, 2010

Korean Manufacturing Translation

Legal permanent resident and immigrant Koreans currently dominate the black hair and beauty supply industry in North American, owning close to 90% of the retail end, and close to 70% of the black hair and beauty manufacturing industry. Many of these Korean business owners have sought out English to Korean manufacturing translation for manuals, product labels and instructions, and more. English to Korean translation

is needed because most of the wholesale and manufacturing products bought for these African-American beauty supply stores are printed in English.

There is also need for English to Korean business document translation needed for things like business space leases, zoning and building licenses, small business license translation, and so forth. We have provided several English to Korean business documents for clients needing these types of document translation. To get a free quote on any English-Korean document translation, or Korean-English translation, simply send us your document using the top menu. You'll be provided with an estimate instantly, showing our affordable, low translation rates and translation service costs. Our translation cost totals are up to 75% lower than most other professional translation services.

Korean Website Translation

English to Korean website translation has also recently been provided by our Tomedes translators for manufacturing and manufacturing websites, including industrial auction websites and various international export industries. These clients rely on Tomedes to break down language barriers and keep up global economical trade and commerce. Korean translation service is provided by our experienced translators with industry specific skills. This allows us to provide any type of document translation in any industry.

Unlike other professional Korean translation companies, Tomedes does not require personal information to provide you with a free quote. We understand that unwanted mail is an annoyance, and we do not email you anything without being specifically requested to. Not only are our translation rates low and affordable, but you never have to worry about us imposing upon your privacy, your convenience or your space with unwanted Korean translation company emails. For free consultation on the spot, connect to our live chat service available 24 hours, or email us at info@tomedes.com.

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