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English to Korean marketing translation

March 13, 2016

By Ofer Tirosh

Tomedes is often asked to undertake the translation of marketing materials. From newly launched brands to innovative products, our clients want to share the details of what they have to sell around the world – and we help the do just that!

Recently, we were asked to undertake the translation of a series of marketing documents from English to Korean. The documents included two glossy brochures and a full website, which were part of the client’s efforts to market the international conference that he was planning to host in Korea. 

Tomedes has expert English to Korean translators on hand for jobs just like this one. We always use professional human translators, as machine translation isn’t of high enough quality to meet our rigorous standards. Machine translation can work well for individual words, but when it comes to sentence structure and translating the true meaning of phrases, it quickly falls apart. By always using professional human translators, we ensure that the high standards for which Tomedes is known don’t slip. 

Our leading English to Korean marketing translator was available to start this job immediately. Based in Seoul, she was personally delighted that the client had chosen to base his conference in her home city and was enthusiastic about producing the very best quality translations for him. 

It took a little over three weeks to complete the translation of all three documents, with the website in particular being a labour-intensive task due to the amount of detail it included. During that time, we kept our client posted as to the progress being made and he was delighted with the speed at which his translation was completed. He was also extremely pleased with the great value for money of the Tomedes service. 

For all your translation needs, contact Tomedes today. Our leading translators are based around the world, ready to take on your projects and help you reach new audiences.

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