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A client required his business card translated to Korean before his networking visit to Seoul. Tomedes was happy to help!

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Outstanding Korean Translation

February 15, 2017

Business translation comes in all shapes and sizes. Companies wanting to connect with businesses overseas do so in a variety of ways, and a professional translation service can help to ease the building of relationships with suppliers, investors, customers and others. 

Many businesspeople looking to take the first step towards working overseas start with the translation of their business cards. This was the case with a young man who recently approached Tomedes. He was looking to explore opportunities to partner with manufacturers in Korea as part of his new business venture and had planned a trip to Seoul in order to meet with potential suppliers. Having booked the trip and an interpreter for the duration of his stay, he turned his attention to his written materials. 

The client decided to start with his business card. He wanted something lightweight to travel with, but that he could leave behind with each new contact, so translating his business cards was the perfect solution. 

Tomedes was pleased to be able to help. Our leading Korean translators have extensive business document experience, so they were able to quickly and easily translate this client’s business cards. 

The client was in a hurry, so we provided our urgent translation service. He was delighted to receive his translated business card within a day of sending the original to us. He was also impressed by the great value for money offered by the Tomedes service. 

With his translated business cards in hand, the client was able to attend his meetings and develop new corporate relationships with confidence. Another perfect example of the power of translation! 

Whether you have a vast company website, a glossy marketing brochure or a single business card that you need translated, Tomedes is here to help. Our professional translators are standing by, ready to take care of your every translation need. Contact us for more information.

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