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Tomedes recently provided an urgent medical translation for a client who was preparing for her dream holiday in Japan

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English to Japanese Urgent Medical Translation

October 21, 2019

Tomedes recently helped a client who was preparing for her dream holiday in Japan. Shortly before she was due to travel, she decided that she would like to translate some information in relation to a medical condition that she had – just in case she fell ill while overseas. 

The Tomedes team was delighted to spring into action to help, providing the client with an express translation service that met her timescale needs as well as her linguistic ones. 

Professional Japanese Translation Services 

Japan is a popular tourist destination. The East Asian island country has already welcomed more than 22 million visitors so far in 2019. According to JTB Tourism Research and Consulting Co., over 2.5 million people visited Japan in August 2019 alone, while in the six months to August, 953,964 US residents endured 13 hours of flying in order to visit Japan. 

The Asia Society reports that there are 477,997 Japanese speakers in the United States. That means that fewer than half of those from the US who visited Japan in the six months to August didn’t speak the language – including our recent client. 

The Japanese language is an interesting one. Unlike many other Asian languages, it is not tonal, meaning that it is easier for westerners to learn than, say, Mandarin. Not only that, but Japanese is unrelated to any other language – while that isn’t unique, it’s still quite a rarity in our world of shared linguistic origins. 

Japanese also have a fascinating writing system. Well, four distinct writing systems, in fact. ‘Hiragana’ is the first writing system that children learn and is used for simple words and conjugations. ‘Kanji’ includes about 2,000 signs, having been adopted and adapted from the Chinese writing system in the 6th century. ‘Romanji’ is a romanized form of Japanese words that has come about far more recently, while ‘katakana’ is used to write foreign words. 

Tomedes’ Japanese translators are, of course, familiar with all four. They are expert linguists whose experience spans a wide range of sectors. The specialist providing Japanese translation for this client’s work, for example, came from a medical background and had plenty of experience of medical translation. This meant that he was ideally positioned to provide her with an accurate English to Japanese translation service for her medical documents. 

Meeting Medical Translation Needs

Medical translation is one of the toughest jobs in translation sector. It requires top notch language skills and a deep understanding of medical terminology in two languages. Medical translators also need a keen eye for detail – medical translation is no place for mistakes! They need to be able to work fast but accurately under pressure, as well. 

In the case of this client, the clock was ticking, as she only decided to translate her medical documents a couple of days before flying to Japan. It was a last-minute decision that she felt would bring her greater peace of mind – she hoped she wouldn’t need to use the documents but knew that having them just in case she did was a sensible idea. 

Thankfully, Tomedes is well used to providing translations at short notice. Our translation company has been working with clients around the world for more than ten years, so we are well versed in the time pressures that can face our customers. Part of our commitment to superb customer services is alleviating those time pressures not just by meeting our deadlines, but by exceeding them whenever possible. 

This client’s medical translation progressed well. Our talented Japanese translator worked diligently to ensure that the client had the perfect translation in line with her deadline, meaning that she could relax in the knowledge that her paperwork would be in order before she flew. 

24/7 Service for Global Translation Clients

As well as being delighted with the timeliness and the quality of her translation, the client was also pleased to learn that Tomedes offers a 24/7 service. This meant that she would be able to call on us for further translation assistance, even once she was in a different time zone. 

Again, this provided the client with peace of mind. Not only could Tomedes take care of her English to Japanese translation needs, but we would also be available to help with any Japanese to English translation that arose while she was away. 

Accurate Translation for a Range of Needs

No matter which language pairing you need translated, nor what sort of industry expertise you need, it’s worth talking to the Tomedes team. We’ve built up a global network for language professionals who are ready to support you or your business to communicate with the wider world. 

Whether you want a medical translation service or a website localization expert, we are here to help. You can call, email or live chat with us right now to find out more about our services. 

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