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Tomedes provides Japanese to English marketing translation and vice versa for various materials such as leaflets, emails, and press releases. Our expert translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate and reliable Japanese marketing translations. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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English to Japanese Marketing Translation

September 15, 2019

This page was last updated on January 6, 2023.

A new client recently asked Tomedes to undertake a Japanese marketing translation for his company. His products were selling well in English-speaking markets and he was keen to branch out to Asia. Specifically, he wanted to use our marketing translation services to launch his brand in Japan, with the potential to then  roll it out to other countries, after a review of the Japanese venture’s success. 

Expert Japanese Marketing Translator for Business Clients

Tomedes has been providing translations for more than a decade, including Japanese translation in the marketing spectrum of business clients. During that time, we’ve built up a global network for translators, with the result that we are able to match our clients’ needs not just with the right language but also with the right experience. In this case, that meant a Japanese translator with a marketing background. 

Staying Competitive With Localized Content

The internet has had an incredible impact on the way that we buy and sell things. There are now 4.3 billion active internet users around the world, as you can read here in this report from Statista. 3.5 billion of them are active on social media, meaning that companies have had to take social media marketing in their stride in recent years in order to remain competitive and engage with audiences. 

In the case of this client, his Japanese marketing translation project included not only brochures and a website, but also a number of email newsletters and a social media campaign. As such, we lost no time in getting to work on the translation. 

Tomedes Valuable Service for Clients

We supported the client with the presentation of his marketing materials, as well as the Japanese translation of them. Tomedes has an in-house team providing professional desktop publishing services for just such occasions. Our skilled staff are able to present information beautifully, carefully fitting the copy to the available space – a task that is often trickier than you might at first imagine, given the different numbers of words that languages use to say the same thing and the difference in writing systems. They are also able to ensure that all documents are localized to suit the intended audience – a valuable service indeed! 

This client was thrilled to see the results of the team’s work. The marketing materials were precisely what he needed, meaning that he was free to focus on launching his product in Japan, without the translation project distracting him from his goal in any way. 

If you would like support in reaching your corporate goals through the provision of translation, interpretation, content writing or other language services, contact Tomedes today. 


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