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Tomedes translates resumes and CVs from Japanese to English (and vice versa) for various official needs such as overseas employment and freelancing. Our native translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate translations of Japanese resumes and CVs. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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Translate a Resume to Japanese or Any Language - Accurate and Reliable

November 22, 2015

page updated January 03, 2023

A client recently approached Tomedes for an English to Japanese resume translation. Moving overseas can be an exhilarating adventure, but it’s also something that requires the completion of a vast range of practical tasks. For those moving to a country where another language is spoken, translating various documents is often an essential part of the process. 

While this client spoke very good Japanese, his written Japanese was poor and he knew that in order to get job interviews in his new country he would need a high quality resume. Enter Tomedes! 


Expert Native Japanese Resume Translators for Every Industry or Field

We only ever use professional human translators (machines are just not accurate enough) and always try to ensure that we use native translators. For this job, we turned to one of our best translators in Japan, a young lady based in Tokyo. She had previously worked for a recruitment agency and had undertaken numerous resume translations for Tomedes before, using her career experience to ensure that the translated resume from Japanese to English was of an excellent standard. 


Translate Your CV or Resume From Japanese to Any Language

Our Japanese translator took less than a day to produce the client’s resume in her native language, as she was well aware of how fast the job market can move. The client was thrilled to receive back his professional-looking Japanese resume, which the translator had smartened up using desktop publishing software to ensure that it was in the format expected. The client was able to apply for Japanese jobs with confidence. 

From financial documents proving your income to your birth and marriage certificates, moving abroad can require a raft of documentation in another language. Tomedes can assist with all of it, in order to take some of the stress out of the moving process and leave you to concentrate on the fun parts. Simply contact us today for further details.

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