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A new client contacted Tomedes to talk about the translation and localization of her company website from English to German

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English to German website localization

September 04, 2019

A new client recently contacted the Tomedes team via the live chat function on our website. She wanted to talk about our website translation services – specifically, the translation and localization of her company website from English to German. We were delighted to be able to help. 

Professional German translation services 

Tomedes has been providing professional translation services for over a decade, including English to German translation and German to English translation. We ensure that all of our German translators are superb linguists with a sincere passion for the craft of translation. 

We also ensure that our German translators have a wide range of experience, so that clients can benefit not just from their language expertise but also from their industry-specific knowledge and technical knowhow. 

Website localization expertise at your fingertips 

In the case of this client, she needed both translation and localization skills in order that her website would be entirely suited to a new audience in Germany. We assigned one of our Berlin-based translators to do just that. 

Localization is a huge industry. According to Digital Doughnut, in this article on localization statistics and facts, the size of the global language industry is expected to reach $45 billion by 2020. It is the fourth fastest growing industry in the United States, with localization services playing a key role in that growth. 

In the case of this client, we not only translated her website swiftly and accurately into German, but also localized the copy, images and technical elements to ensure that the site would work seamlessly for German users. 

The client was delighted with how thorough the Tomedes team were and with the standard of customer care that we provided throughout the project. From her first interaction with us over live chat through to the completion of the job, the service that she received was courteous, friendly and highly skilled. 

A global network of translators 

Building up our service offering to impress in this way has taken time. Ten years, in fact. During that time, we’ve also built up a global network of translators, which allows us to offer a huge range of language pairings to our translation and interpretation clients. 

As such, if you have a translation need, why not try out Tomedes? We’re confident that we will be able to meet your linguistic needs, as well as pairing your translation job with a language specialist who has relevant, industry-specific skills and experience. Feel free to put  us to the test today! 

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