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A new client recently approached Tomedes for help with his company's marketing strategy - specifically, for help with a video translation task.

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English to German video translation

August 26, 2018

A new client recently approached Tomedes for help with his company’s marketing strategy. He was due to travel from his native England and meet with potential partner companies in Germany. Before his business trip, he wanted to share some of his corporate materials with the German contacts, including a product demonstration video. As such, he needed to use a German translation service to convert the audio element of the video to German.  

One of the fastest growing trends in translation service demand in recent years has been video translation. The move towards video content has been swift and widespread. One impact of this has been an increase in requests for video translation. The Tomedes team has responded to this by developing specialist video translation expertise. Our skilled language professionals provide not only superb linguistic abilities, but expert transcription, time stamping and subtitling services. This means that our clients can send us their video translations with complete confidence. 

For this client, our leading German video translator got straight to work. His first task was to transcribe the English audio, complete with time stamps to show where each element slotted in to the video file. This is an essential part of the process, as it ensures that the translated copy can be perfectly paired with the video, without falling out of sync. 

The translator then converted the copy into flawless, time stamped German, which the client had arranged a voice over artist to record. The client was delighted. Tomedes made the translation process simple to arrange and presented him with a superb, time stamped translation which meant that he could get started immediately with his voiceover artist. Another happy Tomedes customer!

For all of your business translation needs, speak to the helpful Tomedes team. We will ensure that your company can use translation as an integral part of its marketing strategy, with minimal effort. 

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