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A recent client needed to understand a batch of legal documents. Tomedes helped by providing an English to German translation service.

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English to German legal paperwork translation

January 27, 2019

Legal matters can be a real source of stress, but thankfully professional legal translation services can help to ease the burden, as a recent Tomedes client discovered. 

The client was living in England and had a couple of legal matters to take care of. Unfortunately, though his English was sufficient to survive on a day-to-day basis, the complex language of the legal paperwork had left him uncertain as to what the documents said. He tried a couple of machine translation tools but wasn’t overly impressed with the results that they produced. As such, he opted to use a proper, human German translation service to help him understand the paperwork he had been given. 

Understanding the stress that such matters can cause, Tomedes quickly stepped up to help. We assigned our leading English to German legal translation expert to the job at hand. By matching our translators so carefully with our clients’ needs in this way, we ensure that each client benefits from our translators’ specialist knowledge, as well as their linguistic talents. 

Our translator made quick work of the legal documents, each of which he translated flawlessly from English into German.  The client was delighted to be able to read the documents in his own language and finally understand the full detail of them. He was also delighted that our translation service was available at such a reasonable rate – he had expected to pay more for such a superb translation service!

For translation work ranging from legal matters to business marketing solutions, the Tomedes team is here to help. We provide translation, localization and desktop publishing services, with a team of language professionals based around the world. We offer a one-year guarantee for every document that we translate, so you can have confidence in the quality of our service right from the outset. 

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