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A recent client tested out our Georgian translation service with a medical document that she needed translated in a hurry.

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English to Georgian medical translation

August 22, 2018

Georgian is a fascinating language, with some 3.9 million speakers in Georgia and a further 500,000 spread across Russia, Iran, Turkey, Europe and the US. With no capital letters (at least, not as we know them!), a rich system of word derivation and a sentence structure that follows a subject-verb-object order but can vary, it makes for a fascinating study. 

For those who don’t have the time to learn a new language, however, Tomedes provides professional Georgian translation services. Our skilled linguists cover a wide range of sector specialisms, from business documents to legal translation. 

A recent client tested out our Georgian translation service with a medical document that she needed translated in a hurry. She used our urgent translation service in order to obtain her translation as swiftly as possible. 

Our leading Georgian translator was available to start work on the client’s medical translation immediately. She translated quickly and diligently, ensuring an accurate translation. With experience of working on medical documents, the translator was well aware of how important accuracy is in such work. 

The client’s medical document took just two days to translate. It passed through our internal quality assurance process before being sent back to the client. She was delighted with the speed of the service, which ensured that she had her translation as quickly as possible. She was also impressed by the value for money that Tomedes offered, with a translation cost that she felt was more than reasonable for the fast, professional service that she received. 

We maintain a network of professional translators around the world so that we can respond swiftly to translation requests covering a wide range of language pairings. If you have a document that you need translated, speak to the Tomedes team today. We think you’ll be very glad that you did! 

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