English to Burmese educational translation

Tomedes recently completed the translation of an advertisement, for a client who was delivering English classes in Myanmar

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English to Burmese translation

October 16, 2016

High quality translation services can help businesses to become more profitable, companies to expand their operations and individuals to settle in new locations around the world. They can also help with education around the globe, allowing teachers to reach out to students of many nationalities in order to deliver learning experiences. 

Tomedes recently completed just such a translation, for a client who was delivering English classes in Myanmar. While the classes were to be mainly oral lessons delivered in English, the client wished to advertise them locally in Burmese in order to ensure full attendance. She spoke Burmese fairly well, but did not write it confidently and so asked Tomedes to translate the advertisements for her English classes. 

We were happy to help and tasked our leading Burmese translator with the job. With a network of more than 5,000 translation professionals spread around the world, we are able to cover a vast range of language pairings, including Burmese to English translation. We always seek to use translators whose first language is the target language required, as we find this produces the best results, so for this job we knew our translator based in Yangon was the right man for the job. 

The brevity of this translation meant that we were able to turn it around in just a single day, which suited the client perfectly – she had requested a rush translation in order that she could start advertising her English language classes as soon as possible. The client was delighted with the service she received from Tomedes – she received a top quality translation in under 24 hours and paid less than she had expected to for it. She will happily be using us again the next time she requires professional Burmese translation. 

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