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For this client's lengthy medical document, Tomedes turned to our leading Bahasa medical translator.

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Marvellous medical translation

April 02, 2017

Tomedes works with a range of medical and pharmaceutical companies, providing a professional translation service for their documentation, so that they can share their knowledge and market their products around the world. Translation of this nature requires meticulous attention to detail and absolutely flawless results. Thankfully, these are two qualities for which Tomedes is well known!

We carefully screen our translators to ensure that their linguistic abilities meet our rigorous standards. We also consider their past experience and seek to match our clients’ translation jobs with our translators’ particular talents. With specialisms such as medical translation, this is especially important. Medical and pharmaceutical translation is not for everyone. The often dry and very technical nature of the copy, along with the specialist terms used, requires a particular interest in the topic and a keen eye for detail. 

For this client’s lengthy medical document, we turned to our leading Bahasa medical translator, who had just completed another job for us and was keen to get started on a new translation. His experience included plentiful medical translation and material of this nature was by far the kind he liked to work with most. He was the ideal translator to take care of this client’s work!

The client had asked for daily updates regarding progress with the translation job, and we were happy to oblige. We kept him informed daily so that he could track the progress of his translation and ensure that we were on target to meet his timescale (in reality, we got a little further ahead of the timetable each day, so he was delighted).

Tomedes is always happy to work to meet clients’ requirements in this way. Each client is different and we appreciate that providing a professional translation service isn’t just about the translation – it’s also about delivering great customer service too!

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