English to Arabic pharmaceutical translation

A client needed a medical information leaflet translated from English to Arabic. We turned to our leading Arabic pharmaceutical translator.

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Superb pharmaceutical translation

November 23, 2016

The global scale of the pharmaceutical industry means that translations into other languages are frequently required for new medications and patient advice leaflets. Medical translation of this nature has to be 100% accurate – people’s lives can depend on the detail of the information provided with pharmaceutical products, so not a single letter can be out of place when it comes to translating guidance related to them.

Thankfully, professional translation companies like Tomedes are available to provide timely, flawless translations for the medical industry. We use specialist medical translators who have a vast knowledge of the words and phrases used in translations relating to pharmaceutical products, in both the original and target language. 

In this instance, the client needed a patient information leaflet for a new product to be translated from English to Arabic. We turned to our leading Arabic medical translator, who we knew was the perfect translator for this job due to his extensive familiarity with medical terms and his exemplary level of attention to detail. He had previously completed several flawless medical translations, all to tight timescales and all approved by the Tomedes quality assurance team without a single change. 

The client had used our online word count ratio tool to estimate the number of words that would be in his finished leaflet. It takes approximately 921 Arabic words to convey the same message that takes 1,000 words in English. The client had therefore already completed the design of his leaflet and was keen to receive the Arabic version of the information to drop into it. 

As ever, our English to Arabic translator worked carefully to complete the medical translation with no mistakes. His specialist knowledge meant that he was able to work swiftly yet accurately, which was precisely what was needed for this translation job. 

The client was thrilled with the resulting translation. Tomedes delivered it on time and error-free, which was precisely what the client was looking for. Another satisfied customer! 


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